Desserts Galore

Desserts, ah..those sweet sensations which put a perfect ending to your dining experience. Do I always have desserts? No. But some places are begging for desserts and here are some of my favorites!


My first piece of Cannoli from Tutto Pasta. Can’t say I hate it, it’s just very different but since this photo is visually appetizing I thought it is only fair to share.

Tempura Fried Green Tea Ice-cream

Takara Japanese Restaurant serves one of the best Tempura Fried Ice-creams in town. They have all the regular flavors like vanilla and chocolate but my favorite is still green tea! They’re generous with the whipped cream so if you’re on weight-watcher better lay your hands off the cream.

Vanilla Almond Cheesecake with Peach Compote

Tried this out during Restaurant Week in Dayton Street Grille. I like the touch of shredded almond in the cheesecake as it gives a good amount of crunch when you bite into the familiar texture of a regular cheesecake.


Mmmm. Gives me the foodgasm every single time. This was from Tutto Pasta.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Graze has the most comforting desserts in town if I may say so myself. They have cookies and milk I mean c’mon! There’s nothing more homely than that. I love this pie. It’s sweet, lemony and creamy – all the good stuff altogether. They don’t always have it and that’s what I love about Graze, surprises every single day!

Assorted Custards

Michael’s Frozen Custard has awesome custards. They are unlike regular ice-creams which are too sweet and they have a better consistency in texture. It really reminds me of an ice-cream parlor back home.

Chocolate Mousse Parfait & Sugar Crusted Pound Cake with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Door County Cherry Sauce and Whipped Cream

These two are specials when I visited Graze one night, unfortunately I could not recall their names verbatim…but I tried my best to recall what was on the plate. They are really good though! I hope I’ll get a chance to savor them again.

Assorted Pastries and Cakes from Bellagio Buffet

Best buffet in my life was at Bellagio’s, Las Vegas. Food couldn’t be more gourmet, services are top notch (I actually felt bad that an elderly was cleaning up after our plates on Christmas Day! She was such a nice lady though). Just by looking at those delicately crafted desserts you can tell that these people take food seriously.

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Look at the amount of whipped cream on that cheesecake! That’s from Cheesecake Factory in Chicago and they are really good for a reason. I just love everything about that place.

They’re certainly not very diet-friendly looking from the amount of whipped cream, baking powder and cream cheese used to construct this gastronomic explosion of goodies. But so what? It makes me really happy each time. What was your favorite dessert moment? Share in the comment section!