Breakfast at Cafe Black, Stamford

Yes, I am on a roll- and this time I am showcasing what Cafe Black

 has to offer for breakfast.

Lincolnshire sausages, back bacon, poached eggs on toasted Asker’s bread, grilled tomatoes and lettuce (a bit of an odd addition).

Lovely food, will definitely go back again for breakfast.


Breakfast Essentials

I have to admit, I’m not crazy about breakfasts. When I was younger, my dad used to wake me up for school and make breakfast for me. I remember it being the same every morning for almost eleven years. It would be two hard boiled sometimes half boiled eggs, hot cocoa beverage, soupy noodle or rice vermicelli dish and occasionally leftover from dinner the night before. They were hearty and sometimes too heavy for breakfast but kept me full throughout the day at school.

Since I left high school for college I’ve been deprived of proper breakfast because I didn’t pack my dad with me (laughs). Most of the time I skip them because a) I was too lazy to prepare breakfast or b) I overslept. Instead I opted for big lunch and end up feeling very sleepy for the rest of the evening. I’m getting sick of this lifestyle so this Summer I made a deal with myself to start eating healthy again.

I recently developed a love for oatmeal with raisins. The sweetness from raisins really complements the blandness of oatmeal, and it’s also a great substitute for sugar which is never good for one’s health. I try to eat this every morning before I head out because it keeps me full for very long hours, I don’t even eat that much for lunch anymore.

How about you? What’s your breakfast favorites?