Post furniture DIY eat out- The Tobie Norris, Stamford

After spending most of last Saturday assembling furniture in the new flat, I decided to treat my better half to dinner at the Tobie Norris, a pub nestled in a listed building in Stamford.

The Tobie Norris is better known for its flagship pizzas but I always find their meat dishes a joy to partake in.

Here’s what we had:

Belly of Pork with Apple sauce and black pudding;

Lamb Steak with goats cheese, string beans and olives.

We washed our food down with local ale- which tasted a bit fermented but still quite nice.

Lovely food and of course lovely company!


Those Leafy, Aromatic Wonders

And no, I’m not talking about weed.

I’ve always been a huge fan of tea. I love all sorts of tea – green, black, white, you name it, I love it.

My favorite type of tea beverage growing up is Teh Tarik, which is essentially translated into ‘pulled tea’ due to the action of ”pulling” the tea during preparation. If you find that hard to imagine, picture this: the tea mixture consisting of black tea, sugar (lots of them) and condensed milk, will be poured back and forth from one vessel to another at a reasonable height (pictured below) until it’s all foamy on top (second picture below). This process allows all flavors to mingle and cools down the temperature of the tea. It’s absolutely delicious and I miss it terribly.

'Teh Tarik' - Asian Cappucino

Photo credit: s1m0ne|flickr

Teh Tarik Foam

Photo credit: Jiar|flickr

However, they are known to be overly sweeten so it’s not something you should drink every single day. The one type of tea I find that resembles Teh Tarik would be Thai Ice Tea, which I find to love very much while I’m studying here in the states.

Sadly none of those tea is very healthy because 1) condensed milk and sugar are nothing but the culprit behind my love handles. 2) research showed that while tea can reduce the risk of heart disease and other goodies, adding milk to it essentially ‘kills’ off the component that help keeps your heart healthy. So next time if you’re thinking of drinking tea for the sake of staying healthy, skip the milk!

Fortunately I enjoy unsweetened and tea at its natural state and my favorite tea place to go in Madison is none other than…Dobra Tea!

I’ve been a frequent visitor since my freshmen year, but the funny thing is I almost always drink the same things: Memories of Prague or Jasmine Tea.

Memories of Prague.

Memories of Prague is a variation of black tea, served with honey, milk and a cookie. I love it because it’s very refreshing and the whole DIY experience never goes old.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea is my all time favorite. The fragrant exudes natural sweetness plus it’s super healthy since it’s unsweetened. Dobra Tea has an excellent selection of tea leafs and they constantly have additions from different places around the world – how can I possibly try them all? I wonder all the time.

Recently they started serving up pastries, which is a nice touch. Daily offers vary from scones to croissants.

Blueberry Scone

Dobra Tea Interior

The atmosphere in Dobra Tea is very calming and I feel extremely zen-like every time I visit this place. It’s a great place to relax, hang out with friends, have heart-to-heart conversations over the fragrance of tea and indie music playing softly in the background. I love the platform seating areas (pictured above), and if you’re in the mood for hookah they have patio seats and hookahs available. It’s a place for everyone really.

My favorite tea place in Madison, Dobra Tea

What’s your favorite tea place? Do you have a tea story to share? Let me know in the comment section!

Pot luck party

Went to a Malaysian pot luck dinner party on Saturday. This was what everyone brought/cooked!

Roast duck, Pak Zham Kai (steamed chicken) with the condiments, chicken wings, beef curry, chicken tikka, shish kebabs, mixed fried vegetables, salad, deep fried squid rings, vietnamese style spring rolls, and lots to drink and great company. 🙂

Can’t ask for more on a Saturday!

Skylon Restaurant Review

The Evening Standard has paired up with Skylon Restaurant, Southbank Centre to offer everyone the opportunity to partake in a three course meal for £20 including a glass of Portugese wine. If you don’t fancy all three then a two course meal will set you back £15.

We went for a starter and a main each.

I had the Skylon Gravadlax with sweet rye bread;

Arch had the foie gras;

We both had the confit of duck leg.

Verdict: The wine was a bit rubbish but food was good. 🙂