Antipasti at Maltby Street Market

Air-flown selection of Italian ham served with gherkins and slices of St. John’s rustic loaf. Heavenly!



Breakfast at Cafe Black, Stamford

Yes, I am on a roll- and this time I am showcasing what Cafe Black

 has to offer for breakfast.

Lincolnshire sausages, back bacon, poached eggs on toasted Asker’s bread, grilled tomatoes and lettuce (a bit of an odd addition).

Lovely food, will definitely go back again for breakfast.

Post furniture DIY eat out- The Tobie Norris, Stamford

After spending most of last Saturday assembling furniture in the new flat, I decided to treat my better half to dinner at the Tobie Norris, a pub nestled in a listed building in Stamford.

The Tobie Norris is better known for its flagship pizzas but I always find their meat dishes a joy to partake in.

Here’s what we had:

Belly of Pork with Apple sauce and black pudding;

Lamb Steak with goats cheese, string beans and olives.

We washed our food down with local ale- which tasted a bit fermented but still quite nice.

Lovely food and of course lovely company!

Skylon Restaurant Review

The Evening Standard has paired up with Skylon Restaurant, Southbank Centre to offer everyone the opportunity to partake in a three course meal for £20 including a glass of Portugese wine. If you don’t fancy all three then a two course meal will set you back £15.

We went for a starter and a main each.

I had the Skylon Gravadlax with sweet rye bread;

Arch had the foie gras;

We both had the confit of duck leg.

Verdict: The wine was a bit rubbish but food was good. 🙂

A Feast!

Scandinavian Style Chicken Dinner
half chicken on the bone rubbed with cinnamon, juniper and cardamom, grilled over a live fire and served with sausage & currant dressing, smashed red bliss potatoes, buttered parsnips and carrots (Old Fashioned, Downtown Madison)

This dish brought me memories from Medieval Times, a famous franchise in bringing Medieval alive with its elaborately staged show, costume, accent and barbaric table manners. When dinner’s served you are obligated to eat with your bare hands. But luckily we don’t have to in Old Fashioned – the size of the half chicken though has uncanny resemblance.

I love the rub on the chicken because it reminds me so much of a Chinese cuisine, the herbal chicken soup so I’m really surprised that Scandinavians have similar palettes to ours – it’s very aromatic and the use of herbs aren’t like those of Italian cuisine. I guess I’ll keep in mind and experiment with cinnamon, juniper and cardamom in the future if I feel like roasting chicken or turkey. Did I mention that the chicken was succulent and tender? It’s like magic in your mouth.

The sides are absolutely fantastic so in a whole it’s a great dish. It is also very affordable, priced at $13.95! Two parties could easily share this huge plate of gastronomical wonder!