Post furniture DIY eat out- The Tobie Norris, Stamford

After spending most of last Saturday assembling furniture in the new flat, I decided to treat my better half to dinner at the Tobie Norris, a pub nestled in a listed building in Stamford.

The Tobie Norris is better known for its flagship pizzas but I always find their meat dishes a joy to partake in.

Here’s what we had:

Belly of Pork with Apple sauce and black pudding;

Lamb Steak with goats cheese, string beans and olives.

We washed our food down with local ale- which tasted a bit fermented but still quite nice.

Lovely food and of course lovely company!

Pot luck party

Went to a Malaysian pot luck dinner party on Saturday. This was what everyone brought/cooked!

Roast duck, Pak Zham Kai (steamed chicken) with the condiments, chicken wings, beef curry, chicken tikka, shish kebabs, mixed fried vegetables, salad, deep fried squid rings, vietnamese style spring rolls, and lots to drink and great company. 🙂

Can’t ask for more on a Saturday!